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Twenty New Questions
A meme is going around (and I’ve been tagged) asking 20 questions. But…they don’t actually reveal much about who we are. So I’m…revising…it. If you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged. Or not!

1) What historical figure would you most like to be able to chat with for an hour or two?
2) Which fictional character would you most like to meet?
3) Who would you die for?
4) What would you live for, no matter how unpleasant or difficult that was?
5) What childhood dream do you no longer desire?
6) Under what circumstances would you/ could you kill?
7) What teacher or similar adult most influenced who you grew up to be?
8) What book taught you the most?
9) What book scarred you the most?
10) What book do you remember most fondly?
11) If you could live in any place or time, real or fictional, what would it be?
12) Who do you most envy?
13) What do you consider your greatest vice?
14) What do you consider your greatest strength?
15) If you could bestow 3 fairy gifts on anyone, who would you gift, and with what?
16) What one thing about yourself would you most like to change?
17) Do you want to live to be a hundred or more? Why or why not?
18) If you won a ridiculous amount of money—say, $100,000,000.00—what would you do with it?
19) What do you most doubt?
20) What do you believe most strongly?


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