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Vacation ended with a BANG, or rather an apocolype--Procephy Apocolpse, to be precise. It was my first time ever staffing with this awesome bunch of people, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. This Apocolypse was an Alien Invasion; the aliens had been developed by a biology professor, the chemistry system by a chemist/science teacher. The combination of real and unreal, science and science fiction, was unbelievable. I have to say that I have never before discussed plasmids in casual conversation.

To add to the incredibly rich background was a beautiful, rich plot. There were 35...that's THIRTY-FIVE!!!...plots in the weekend, and to my knowledge they all went off. Not always as planned, of course....

I got to die horribly multiple times, as a rat mutant, and once as a human prisoner. For that one I screamed so loudly and whole-bodiedly that my voice is really only coming back today. At least I was finally able to sing a full lullabye tonight without the voice giving out.

The fun of being staff is the fun of writing, while the fun of playing is the fun of reading. It's more complicated than that, of course, since this is a social activity either way. I'm not tempted to go dark side, but I'll definitely consider staffing again for another one-shot event in the future. I like the cameraderie, I like the debates--is this logical? Will the players enjoy this?--and I like the quick changes between characters. It is, of course, exausting!!!!!

Homework was due this week, so I spent a good bit of vacation on that. If I'd done as much time on continuing medical education as I've done on this writing course, I'd be set for the year.

Back to work Monday was a let down, but it's the last week of awful hours and a bad schedule. And I have a doorknob on my office!!! After 7 months! It's shiny and gold and pretty, and I can close my office door all the way and then OPEN it again!!!!

Last night I earned some angel wings by attending Leah's parent night at Camp Foskett. I got home from work, picked her up, and set off immediately for the wilds of Charlton. The camp is lovely, much like camps I attended in my youth. While lots of kids went swimming, I WAS THE ONLY PARENT TO DO SO. Because of that, I got to see Leah's diving up close. We also went canoing together, which was awesome. We got home at 8:15, i got the girls to bed, and then did something or other before falling over exausted.

Tonight I admitted that I just cannot drive to and from Vermont in a single day for Mom's birthday. I sent flowers on-line, to be delivered tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning is an early one to get Joy to gymnastics, then I'm on CALL for the weekend. Better head towards bed....


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